Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Next Vacation to Italy Learn To Dive and Whine

Does FIFA actually think nobody notices what they're up to? Just because Italy lost to Korea in World Cup 2002 did they owe Italy or something? First the calls all went Italy's way most of this tournament (remember Austrial vs Italy in the dying minutes?), now in the Germany vs Italy game either the ref was completely fooled by all of Italy's continous diving and whining or it was premeditated by FIFA and their refs. That's all it could be, in fact you would think the refs would know ahead of time that the Italians dive. Come on, everybody knows the Italians dive.

How many yellow cards or even warnings were issued to Italy for their diving? In case you missed it let me fill you in - Italians were issued 0 zero nada null yellow cards for their couple of dozen dives.

Hey nobody's complaining about the Italians played a great game but FIFA and their refs are destroying the game by allowing this. What do other nations learn from watching the Italians proceed further and further in the tournament - they learn that diving is necessary and can get you very far.

If the Italians were really hurt each time they went down why/how were they able to get up each time? Watching the Italians roll around on the field after diving you'd think their leg was broken in 3 places and you look at the opponents and they're still standing. THe last time I checked the Italians opponents are all humans too, how is it that each time the opponents aren't writhing in pain too? Are the Germans, Australians, Americans, Czechs made out of steel or something? Or is it not possible that Italians are the masters of diving.

What really gets me is when they accuse their opponents of diving. Have you ever heard the old tip on telling what's someone's really thinking about but doesn't want to show by listening to what they bring up? Examples:

Diving + Whining = Italians

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