Saturday, June 24, 2006


Germany through to quarter-finals.

Klinsmann continues to prove his ability of converting the impenetrable panzer to a speedy BMW roadster with his team winning 2-0 over Sweden.

Podolski scored 2 goals, however he was not man of the match. That should go to Klose or even more so Ballack. Klose did a lot of digging to create the chances for Podolski. Ballack had about half a dozen pretty good chances himself.

Next Germany faces Argentina in what will almost surely be a classic match of 2 super powers.

If there was any disappointment with Germany's play today it may have been Bastian Schweinsteiger did not look as fantastic as he has in some of the earlier games or with Bayern Munich. Knowing Bastian this was simply just not his day, he'll roar back with superb play in some future games.

When will Gerald Asamoah see his chance to play?

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