Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Paris Hilton In Love With Lukas Podolski

Reports are out that claim Paris Hilton has been taken by World Cup fever - the Lukas Podolski kind.

Paris says she finds the blond wunderkind “magical.” and "glamorous". Paris continues to say she wants to get to know Cologne.

HAHA what a joke!! she'll never be good eough for ANYONE like Lukas Podolski!
oooooo nOOOOOO!!! run Podolski, run awaaayy!!!! :))
omg paris hilton ... when i first saw "Paris Hilton In Love With Lukas Podolski" i was like no way plzzz just don't think about it paris, besides why would lukas be interested in a hmmm "tramp" like paris ... i mean paris i sometimes like her but most of the time i just... well lets say i don't like her at all. :)
I think, Paris is not good at all for Poldi. Poldi is handsome, cute, and talented. But Paris is so... so... DREADFUL!!!!! But, my friends and I - who totally big, great, and huge fans of Poldi - think that Paris is 100% better than Monika, Poldi's girlfriend.
pleaseee.. bitch paris just stick to wat ur best at doing (sicking cock) hes way outta ur league like dont even think about it hes too good for you!
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