Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The Real Reason for Klinsmann Choosing Jens Lehmann over Oliver Kahn

Like Oliver Kahn has pointed out - we've never actually heard Juergen Klinsmann's reasons for dropping the winner of the last Golden Ball Award in 2002 for his understudy Jens Lehmann.

I submit the following alternative possibility:

If Lehmann goes down then what better backup to bring in then Kahn? You know Kahn will be ready no matter what. In fact, German supporters might even cheer when Kahn comes in. And don't forget for a second how team morale would be affected by having Kahn come in - it would surely not be depressed or let down and at a minimum stay even keel (if not improved).

Now imagine the alternative, Lehmann who has been playing abroad for some years, is somewhat unknown to many of the other German players who play in the Bundesliga, and is then brought in if Kahn were to go down. It would not be a stretch to imagine things could suddenly go wrong if this were to happen between games or in the middle of a game.

There you have it, the real reason Klinsmann may have selected Lehmann first - it's easier to go this route then the alternative.

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