Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rooney Rushing It?

Sven-Goan Erikson is risking Rooney's future if he allows Rooney to come back this soon. Rooney suffered a broken metatarsal very recently on April 29th, about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Rooney wants to play in the opening game this week.
With the quality of players England have can they not make it out of the group stages?
If England isn't able to make it out of the group stages missing one player (albeit Rooney), then they've got more serious questions to answer. Is one player really going to make such difference in group stages? Sure in the following stages England will need everyone and Rooney will make a difference at that point.

Would the less risky move not be to rest Rooney for another couple of weeks until at least England make it out of the group stages?
In fact Former England captain Bryan Robson has also suggested this could be a mistake. Then there are Sir Alex Ferguson comments which do not hide the fact that he believes Rooney is his property.

We all know the kind of player Rooney is, coupled with his youth we can imagine his desire to put up with some pain in order to come back and play. Does anyone really believe Rooney of all players would be conservative and if there is any pain or that he would not come back? Come on, Rooney would play with a broken foot, he'll tell the doctors and trainers and coaches whatever it takes to play. Therefore it is up to Sven-Goan Erikson to make the decision and keep Rooney out for at least the group stages, anything else would be a foolish decision.

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