Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ballack Had More to Gain from Chelsea than Vice Versa

When Ballack said this really wasn't about the money he may not be lying. Ballack's decision of Chelsea was a move to:
1) Gain more experience, since he had been playing in the German Bundesliga his entire professional career, arguably the English Premiership is easily as good as the Bundesliga but no one can argue a much different experience (different pressures, different language, more international coverage), therefore will help develop Ballack as a player

2) Perhaps just as important is that Ballack is now free from being pigeon-holed by some Germans of being from East Germany, the following interesting
explains how Ballack was labelled as not having character due to where he was from!
3) Arguable Chelsea is currently a better Champions League contender then Bayern, their most recent history has shown this

Looking at the other way - what did Chelsea gain from signing Ballack?:
1) Solid mid-fielder with excellent playmaking and proven goal scoring (including fantastic headers)
2) Not as reliant on Lampard, now with Ballack it'll be interesting to see what happens with Lampard, but if Chelsea determine they have another hole to fill then Lampard may become trade bait
3) Someone who can will be able to get Drogba the ball, this tandem will be incredible to watch

Therefore I believe Ballack had much more to gain signing with Chelsea than Chelsea stood to gain by signing Ballack.

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